5 Reasons why Dragon Ball GT was Awesome!

5 Reasons why Dragon Ball GT was Awesome

5 Reasons why Dragon Ball GT was Awesome!

If you ask a Dragon Ball Z fan what they think about Dragon Ball GT you’ll get very mixed reviews. Some loved it, some thought it was good whilst others absolutely hated it. For various reasons Dragon Ball GT seems to split fans around the world. However, we for sure really enjoyed the Dragon Ball series. So we thought we would compile a list of 5 reasons why Dragon Ball GT was awesome!

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Throwback to the Original Dragon Ball Series

Dragon Ball and Dragon Ball GT Comparison | 5 Reasons why Dragon Ball GT was Awesome

If you’ve read or watched the original Dragon Ball series, you may have noticed some similarities. A young Goku first sets out on his adventure with a young Bulma in search of the Dragon Balls. Dragon Ball GT follows the same format but instead of Bulma it’s Goku’s granddaughter Pan. And instead of the classic Dragon Balls, it’s the Black Star Dragon Balls. The early stages of the series has that comedic undertone, very reminiscent of Dragon Ball.

In fact Akira Toriyama, who is the creator of Dragon Ball had minor involvement in this series. However, he did in fact set the early premise of the show and even designed majority of the characters. For those that did not know, this is the reason for Goku turning back into a child at the start.

The Super Saiyan 4 Transformation

Goku and Vegeta SSj4 Power-Up | 5 Reasons why Dragon Ball GT was Awesome
GIF by Eliasjdc

Arguably the greatest thing to come out of DBGT is the amazing Super Saiyan 4 transformation. Easily one of the coolest character designs from any Dragon Ball series, the SSj4 transformation was well received by fans. If we had to put a finger on it as to why, we believe it was because of two reasons. The fact that the normal Super Saiyan transformations all looked similar, visually speaking of course. So SSj4 being very different was always going to gain a huge reaction. In addition, the series brought back the Great Ape (Oozaru) transformation, seen last during the Saiyan saga. It did feel a little hollow that they had not really mentioned much about the Saiyan race since early DBZ. So the Saiyan tail being instrumental in achieving this new form, provided further insight into the Saiyan race.

Of course, Vegeta would also make the transformation and that just multiplied the awesomeness! However some were not happy with what looks like leather pants that he’s wearing.

No Filler Episodes

Goku SSj4 vs Great Ape Baby | 5 Reasons why Dragon Ball GT was Awesome

Dragon Ball GT only aired 64 episodes across four arcs, even though only 40 episodes were to air initially. Originally pencilled in to finish after the Baby arc, they included another, the Shadow Dragon arc. It was extremely condensed compared to Dragon Ball Z’s 291 episodes and Dragon Ball’s 153 episodes. Even Dragon Ball Super has currently aired over 100 episodes. However we actually preferred this, who wants to see saga’s surrounding Garlic Junior anyway?

Although DBGT did not last long it was refreshing to have that continued momentum with the main story. Fillers such as the Garlic Junior saga or even the one that had Pikkon in it was pretty underwhelming. With Dragon Ball GT being non-canon they never really needed a reason for fillers.

Gogeta Super Saiyan 4

Gogeta Super Saiyan 4 kicks a ki blast | 5 Reasons why Dragon Ball GT was Awesome
GIF by Dragonatics

Easily one of the coolest character designs from any DB series, the SSj4 transformation is pure awesome. To then combine an SSj4 Goku and an SSj4 Vegeta via fusion dance was incredible. It was great to see Gogeta back since the Dragon Ball Z: Fusion Reborn movie way back when. Dragon Ball Z had Vegito but DBGT had Gogeta, and this sparked furious debate as to who was stronger. The debate between the two re-emerged recently when Dragon Ball Super introduced Vegito Super Saiyan Blue.

Not only was Gogeta totally badass, he was easily the strongest character in the DBGT series. Gogeta toying with Omega Shenron was fun to watch, very reminiscent of Vegito’s fight with Buu. It also gave us another awesome character to play with in the Dragon Ball video games!

More Dragon Ball means more Dragon Ball!

Dragon Ball GT Cast | 5 Reasons why Dragon Ball GT was Awesome

When Dragon Ball Z ended, there was a huge void that needed filling. Most of us had grown up with DBZ constantly being on our televisions. So for it to end one day all of a sudden made our childhood feel a little empty. That is one of the reasons why DBGT deserves a little more credit. Although the series was not perfect, it was great for those going through withdrawal. Think about it, the actual DBZ series stopped airing episodes in 1996 and we’ve watched re-runs of it ever since. It took them almost 20 years to air Dragon Ball Super! So we welcomed the Dragon Ball GT series and movies with open arms.

If you haven’t seen Dragon Ball GT, we highly recommend it. We believe all fans should watch it, at the very least, the Baby arc or the Shadow Dragon arc.

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