5 Reasons Why Krillin is not Completely Useless…

5 Reasons why Krillin is not Completely Useless

5 Reasons Why Krillin is not Completely Useless…

He may not have Saiyan blood flowing through his veins but Krillin is a great fighter. Known as Kuririn in the Dragon Ball manga series, he’s been with the series from almost the very beginning. We first meet him properly in Dragon Ball, when he wants to learn under Master Roshi. Goku was a fellow student, but Krillin didn’t quite compare to him, and instead had a brief rivalry with him. They then later went on to become best friends, which is evident throughout all of the Dragon Ball series’. Some of you are probably wondering why we compiled this list of 5 Reasons Why Krillin is not Completely Useless. The answer to that is he doesn’t get his fair share of recognition. So let us know what you think after reading the post in the comments section below!

Krillin Throws the Spirit Bomb

Krillin Throws the Spirit Bomb | 5 Reasons why Krillin is not Completely Useless.

Way back when, near the start of the Dragon Ball Z series, Krillin actually helped defeat Prince Vegeta. When Yamcha, Chiatzou, Piccolo and Tien had all died, everyone thought Krillin would be next. If you had to pick a fighter to die first before the Saiyans arrived, most would have picked Krillin. However, Yamcha will forever hold that accolade ever since what happened. But Krillin managed to survive and even take it one step further.

When Vegeta had more or less defeated Goku, he set his sights on Gohan. Who even though is quite strong for his age, was never going to be able to keep up with Vegeta. Meanwhile, Goku used the technique taught to him by King Kai to generate enough energy for a Spirit Bomb. The only person left to throw it? Krillin. After initially feeling overwhelmed by the energy, Krillin learned to control it. He converted it into a ball of energy ready to launch. If he had not been able to do that Vegeta, would have definitely succeeded on Earth.

Krillin’s Close Relationship with Goku

Goku & Krillin Best Friends | 5 Reasons why Krillin is not Completely Useless.

At times it’s easy to forget that Krillin is actually Goku’s best friend. He’s been with him all the way from the early days of Dragon Ball. Once rivals, they became extremely close because of their love of fighting and training. You see their bond become stronger and stronger throughout the series’. In Dragon Ball, a villain by the name of Tambourine killed Krillin. It turned out that he was one of King Piccolo’s pawns. This and the death of Master Roshi proved to be the catalyst for Goku to avenge their deaths.

Then many years later on Planet Namek, Frieza had killed Krillin right in front of Goku’s eyes. Another catalyst, this time angering Goku so much, it helped him turn into a Super Saiyan for the first time! Although Krillin may not have done much here, his friendship with Goku helped saved the day on a couple of occasions.

Krillin and Android 18

Android 18 Kisses Krillin | 5 Reasons why Krillin is not Completely Useless.
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No one would have ever thought that a fairly weak character, compared to others would be the one to marry Android 18. Especially considering that Android 18 is substantially stronger than him. That gap in strength may have closed somewhat now, but Android 18 still remains the stronger of the two. This really shows, as you can clearly see who ‘wears the trousers’ in their relationship. Although 18 appears to be an ice queen, you can bet that Krillin melts her heart. It is important to remember that Krillin had wished for both 17 and 18’s bombs to be removed, with no strings attached.

Android 18 is a great character and a welcome addition to the Z Warriors roster. None of that would have happened if Krillin hadn’t done his thing. [Spoilers] Krillin’s decision to save her also opened the door for a return of Android 17.

[Spoilers] Krillin saves Android 18

Krillin and Android 18 | 5 Reasons why Krillin is not Completely Useless.

Before you read this point just be aware that this will include some spoilers from Dragon Ball Super. I was confused just as some of the rest of you when Goku decided who will be in the Universe 7 team. We all thought this would be the perfect opportunity for Trunks and Goten to really feature in the series. However, Goku opted to include Krillin, Tien and Master Roshi instead.

What Krillin did may go a long way in actually winning the tournament. He once again saved Android 18, who out of the two was always going to go the furthest. That is why it made sense for Krillin to get knocked out early. He did at least take down a couple of other universe fighters and kept the Android tag team partnership intact. So that is a bonus in our book. Once again Krillin showed his love for Android 18, although 18 didn’t quite return the favour. However, we all know that she does in fact love him too.

Krillin, the Strongest Human?

Krillin Destructo Disc | 5 Reasons why Krillin is not Completely Useless.

If you think about it the strongest pure blooded human from Planet Earth is Krillin. Although that doesn’t really mean much in the Dragon Ball Universe, with numerous other species and aliens. However Krillin deserves much credit for being the strongest human. Master Roshi is now too old, and it is debatable if Tien is stronger than Krillin too. So there is no one else that really compares to Krillin, who practiced martial arts ever since he was a kid.

One thing to definitely note is that Krillin is always there in the midst of things during the bad times. Even though he is a bit of a scaredy-cat, he does show a lot of courage at times. He knows that he is not the strongest or fastest but he always turns up to help. In some way or another he finds himself being of some use. Which is more than what could be said about the other human Z warriors.

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