Check out these awesome DBZ Keychains posts below of all your favourite characters. It goes without saying that the more important characters have more variations so we ordered them accordingly. No doubt very high on everyone’s list of favourite characters Goku & Vegeta have the most awesome ones. See below for some amazing keyrings that also make awesome gifts too!

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Gogeta & Vegito Keychains

Gogeta & Vegito Keychains The two coolest and strongest combination of characters from anything ever! Who doesn’t love both Goku and Vegeta? On [...]

Z Villain Keychains

Dragon Ball Z Villain Keychains By and large the coolest and most evil villains from the greatest anime and manga series ever created. As [...]

Z Characters Keychains

Z Characters Keychains Finally, say hello to the Z Characters Keychains, for some they are not the most exciting of characters. However we love [...]

Assorted Keychains

Assorted Keychains Welcome to the Assorted Keychains post! Where we took the spotlight off of the characters of Dragon Ball Z for classic [...]