Whether it is for Halloween, a costume party or just a part of your cosplay, we have some awesome costumes. Although the costumes are modeled by men they can all be worn by both genders so no one misses out. Dress up as Goku in his full orange gi and a wig styled after his hair. Check out the costume accessories post too, there are some great items there that will compliment your outfit. If you were to dress up as Vegeta then there are a few scouters to pick from. Also you can buy the wigs separately so you don’t need to buy the costumes twice to change your hairstyle.

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Full Costumes

Full Costumes Say hello to our range of the best and coolest Dragon Ball Z full costumes! Whether it is for cosplay, Halloween [...]

Costume Accessories

Costume Accessories Check out the cool range of costume accessories below to add some detail to your Dragon Ball Z costumes. They will [...]