Action Figures

Action Figures

The most popular collectable on our site by far, the Dragon Ball Z Action Figures are absolutely epic. With a tonne of different posts of all the best characters, there is a lot for you to go through. Of course we’ve included figurines from the Dragon Ball Z series, but also from Dragon Ball and Dragon Ball GT. All handpicked and arranged by us you do not need to sift through a tonne of garbage. A lot of the same products are sold by different suppliers at varied prices. So we wanted to get the right balance of price and positive reviews and we believe we have done so.

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Goku Figurines Volume 1

Goku Figurines Volume 1 In any case, Goku is arguably the most popular anime and manga character ever. Dragon Ball Z would not be here [...]

Goku Figurines Volume 2

Goku Figurines Volume 2 Part two of our awesome Goku action figures and figurines collection. Continuing in the same awesome fashion as Volume [...]

Goku Figurines Volume 3

Goku Figurines Volume 3 Welcome to part three of our amazing Goku figurines collection. All handpicked by us and arranged so you have the most [...]

Goku Figurines Volume 4

Goku Figurines Volume 4 Finally the last (for now) part to our incredibly large collection of Goku figurines! Once again another handpicked range so [...]

Vegeta Figurines Volume 1

Vegeta Figurines Volume 1 The prince of the Saiyan race, if Vegeta was not a powerful fighter it would have been pretty underwhelming. [...]

Vegeta Figurines Volume 2

Vegeta Figurines Volume 2 First and foremost, being such a pivotal character it is no surprise there are a tonne of awesome and [...]

Gogeta & Vegito Figurines

Gogeta & Vegito Figurines Two of the strongest living Saiyans Goku & Vegeta, when fused create the ultimate Saiyan Warrior and thus these [...]

Grown-Up Gohan Figurines

Grown-Up Gohan Figurines Another Gohan post and this time its him grown-up from what we’ve seen in the Young Gohan Figurines post. A few years [...]

Young Gohan Figurines

Young Gohan Figurines Of course being the son of the great Saiyan Goku, Gohan also possesses incredible strength. Similarly to how we first [...]