A soft toy also known as Plushies, there are a lot of cute and cuddly Dragon Ball Z items here. In fact we have had to split them across more than one post to fit them in. There are a lot of good ones of all the best characters from the series as well as Dragon Balls. Handpicked by us so you get the best balance of quality, price and positive reviews we hope you enjoy it. There are various sizes, some ranging from the size of your hand to the size of your arm!

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Plushies Volume 1

Dragon Ball Z Plushies Volume 1 All of your favourite Dragon Ball Z characters but in soft, cute and cuddly form! The Dragon [...]

Plushies Volume 2

Dragon Ball Z Plushies Volume 2 In the same way as the Dragon Ball Z Plushies Volume 1 left off, the Dragon Ball Z Plushies Volume [...]