Is Dragon Ball Super Ending Soon?

Is Dragon Ball Super Ending Soon |

Is Dragon Ball Super Ending Soon?

You must of heard or read something about it by now, but if you haven’t, brace yourselves. After continuous speculation, it does appear that Dragon Ball Super ending soon is not a cruel joke. Like a dagger through the heart, the news was met by many fans, expressing their sadness and disappointment. The bit that really shocked us is that it is expected to end as early as the month of March. As you can imagine, the fans of the Japanese Dub/English Sub are worried, as it is not that far away. At the time of writing this post, that is less than 8 weeks away. In addition, there is also an expected off-week, which means one less episode. Let us know what you think, will you miss the show or do you think this is for the best?

[Potential Spoilers Below]

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Dragon Ball Super Ending Soon: What to Expect.

Looking at reports coming out of Japan, the anime GeGeGe no Kitaro will take Dragon Ball Super’s time slot. This is due to take place on the 1st of April, and trust us we looked everywhere it’s not a bad April Fools joke. Furthermore, there are multiple reports that suggest that DBS’s final episode will be Episode 131. This means that we currently have 5 more episodes left of the entire series! Not only that, but we fully expect there to be at least one episode dedicated to wrapping up the series. So that leaves us with a maximum of 4 episodes to wrap up the Universe Survival arc.

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With only about 4 episodes left there is quite a lot to fit into the remaining episodes. Which has me and quite a few others a little worried. Mainly because this leaves the potential for a rushed ending. Which is a BIG NO NO! Especially considering this could be the last ever Dragon Ball series (for some time). At the time of writing this post, Toppo was just eliminated. Leaving Jiren to fight the remaining four Z warriors, Goku, Vegeta, Android 17 & Frieza. As with every Dragon Ball arc, there is always an episode or two for the main villain. In this case it is Jiren, who is yet to unleash his true power. So how they fit all of this in without rushing it I do not know. However, they do have the opportunity to release joint episodes for a better flowing ending.

So, what is the possible reason for Dragon Ball Super ending soon?

If you did not know already Dragon Ball Super is currently red hot! The anime receives a great number of viewers both in Japan and across the world. Even though the English dub is not completely finished yet. So you can imagine the reasons for fans feeling confused at the decision. A popular theory floating around the net is that Dragon Ball Super may only go on a hiatus. With a rumoured return in 2019. There is an element of ‘clutching at straws’ to this, but hear us out. We expect to hear a release date for an up and coming DBS movie! Normally people may not care as much because the movies are usually not canon. However, it appears that Akira Toriyama himself is heavily involved in the making of this movie.

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This means that the team behind Dragon Ball Super have a lot of work on their hands. Including all of the animators, directors, writers and even voice-actors. This naturally makes sense, as scheduling for anime creators are brutal in Japan. And to be fair, expecting them to release the movie and a weekly episode of DBS is way too much! I know fans of the show would love that but if they were to release side-by-side you can expect a drop in quality.

Remember when DBS first released? There were tonnes of memes of the show, ridiculing the quality of the animation and writing. This in my view has improved immensely as the series progressed. In addition, Dragon Ball Super contains a lot less filler episodes compared to the DBZ series. I don’t know about the rest of you, but I would prefer a break in the series if it meant no filler!

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Dragon Ball Super Ending Soon: Why Now?

We previously mentioned that Dragon Ball Super is extremely popular and the series was well received by fans. And how the production crew are up to their necks full of work, due to the gruelling world of anime production. If the rumours are true of a 2019 comeback, then now would seem like the best time to do so in my opinion. With Dragon Ball FighterZ just released at the end of January there is plenty of buzz around the franchise. Even fans who are still yet to watch the series are slowly getting into it now. Not only just video games, but of course the English dub of the series is still a long way behind. That is the source of the magic number 2019. As we expect the English dub to end sometime towards the end of 2018 or early 2019.

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So we are kind of hoping to hear a lot more about the future of the series towards the end of 2018. And, not forgetting to mention the Dragon Ball Super movie expected to release some time this year. A movie that will give us the story of the Saiyan race (more on this from us in the future). So do not be surprised that this is a marketing strategy from Toei Animation. Who appears to play the longer, smarter game. This way they do not exacerbate the series. A regular break will do wonders for the longevity of the show considering the current TV climate.

Could Dragon Ball Super make a strong enough comeback?

In short, we definitely think so, however that is not a guarantee! If Toei Animation play their cards right they can pull off a masterclass. All they need to do is make sure the hype doesn’t disappear for good, easier said than done. It is more out of hope but there are plenty of areas of the series to explore if it does return. Looking around the net it is not difficult to find plenty of theories of how the show can progress. One of our favourite theories is the ‘Evil Angels’, which sounds super dope! As you can guess, it involves the Angels and the Grand Priest, who turn out to be not as innocent as they seem.

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The angels definitely have more to them than meets the eye, something definitely seems off about them. Do you remember the episode when Mojito appeared to smirk at the erasure of his universe? That was pretty creepy and a little confusing as they never really mentioned or showed that image since. So it is possible that the angels have another side to them, and this could be a worry.

Another popular one is the ‘Other Universes’ theory. This can take the series in a whole different direction. It explores the universes that are not taking part in the Universe Survival arc. So the decision-makers really do have a couple good directions they can take the series.

Dragon Ball Super Ending Soon: Conclusion

It really does suck that the show will go off air, very soon. However, there are plenty of reasons to stay positive as it looks like it could just be a hiatus. Dragon Ball Super ending soon does not really make sense financially, which is what it all comes down to. From a business point of view, the show generates the big bucks and it appears that it is on a steady incline too. So to end the show almost suddenly really is a head-scratcher and gives us some hope for the future!

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