Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Z (PlayStation Vita)

Dragon Ball Z Battle of Z PlayStation Vita (PSVita) FI

The only Dragon Ball Z video game released on the PlayStation Vita, Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Z. This is an excellent addition to the long list of handheld DBZ games. In short, if you own a PlayStation Vita then you should own Battle of Z. It does a great job of playing to the handhelds strengths, who wouldn’t want to take DBZ wherever they go? Pleasing fans everywhere with its fun and huge cooperative battles, this game brings something new to the table. Now you can battle with 4 other playerstogether or fight in an 8-player battle. The traditional single battle fighting with each player on opposite sides of the screen is almost non-existent in this game.

Dragon Ball Z Battle of Z PlayStation Vita (PSVita) Cover

Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Z Product Details:

Platform: PlayStation Vita (PSVita)
Release Date: 24 Jan. 2014
PEGI Rating: Ages 12 and Over


The main reason Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Z pleased fans was the freedom in how you battle. You either choose to battle as part of a team or a lone wolf hunting for all the glory. Both types will reward you with different experiences and each type is just as fun as the other. Be the lone survivor in an 8-player battle to the death. Or work together as a team to defeat huge foes, such as Oozaru Vegeta. Link attacks with your teammates to execute the Meteor Chain ability to topple the biggest of enemies.

Dragon Ball Z Battle of Z PlayStation Vita (PSVita) Vegeta Super Saiyan

Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Z includes special appearances from the Ginyu Force or Special Force depending on where you are. Also includes Beerusthe God of Destruction and the newly introduced Super Saiyan GOD. Including an array of over 70playable characters, this game packs a real punch for a handheld. If you think you are good enough then take your skills and strategies online. Fight against friends and other players from around the world and even join them in co-operation modes.

Dragon Ball Z Battle of Z PlayStation Vita (PSVita) Broly

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