Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Z (Xbox 360)

Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Z Xbox 360 FIDragon Ball Z: Battle of Z Xbox 360 FI

The amazing Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Z, a game which inspired future developers for future releases. With the backing of Namco Bandai, this game put a great twist on fighting games. The game allows for a total of 8 players in one battle, and we don’t mean team battle either. All 8 players can be on the same battle stage in a free for all or in 4 vs. 4. With the inclusion of 70+ characters, choosing your best team will be tricky, a good headache nonetheless. We cannot forget to mention the awesome graphics this game possesses, super detailed visuals for both characters and environments. The story mode is its usual saga play through but with the added bonus of team battles it feels different. No more endless 1 vs. 1 battles but a good mix of single and team battles keeps it fresh.

Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Z Xbox 360 Cover

Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Z Product Details:

Platform: Xbox 360
Release Date: 24 Jan. 2014
PEGI Rating: Ages 12 and Over

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Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Z Xbox 360 Majin Vegeta Super Saiyan

The emphasis is on battles in Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Z. Fight together in a team of 4 against other teams or giant opponents including the likes of Oozaru Vegeta. Come together to perform team based attacks, perfect for toppling great foes. If you want all the glory to yourself then you can battle it out with 8 players. Be a lone wolf and put your opponents to the sword as you battle in the air or the ground. Each way of playing will provide different experiences, both equally entertaining. This is definitely something that is new to the Dragon Ball Z video game franchise, and ridiculously fun.

Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Z adds to the rich history of fighting games in the already world famous franchise. The game allows you to take your skills to the online stage to fight friends and other players. With appearances from Ginyu (Special) Force and Super Saiyan God, the game really promises to be nothing short of amazing.

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