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The most loved Dragon Ball Z video game for a while, Dragon Ball Z: Budokai was such an exceptional game. So good that fans still hold this in high regard, even though it released over 10 years ago. Part of the reason is that the game stood well against the test of time. Dragon Ball Z: Budokai is still very fun and enjoyable to play even to this day. The developers recreated the anime/manga series in a fun and innovative way, which would become the benchmark for this series. DBZ: Budokai did not receive its moments of fame for it to then disappear forever. It deservedly received re-rendering in glorious HD for theDragon Ball Z: Budokai HD Collection release. The collection also included the third installment of this series, Dragon Ball Z: Budokai 3.

Dragon Ball Z: Budokai Nintendo GameCube Cover

Dragon Ball Z: Budokai Product Details:

Platform: Nintendo GameCube
Release Date: 14 Nov. 2003
PEGI Rating: Ages 12 and Over
ASIN: B0000A1Y4M


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Dragon Ball Z: Budokai Nintendo GameCube Raditz
Dragon Ball Z: Budokai Nintendo GameCube Goku & Recoome

Dragon Ball Z: Budokai includes 23 of the best and coolest playable characters available at the date o of release. Battles fought in a variety of familiar settings, very reminiscent of the anime series. Make sure you take your time to practice as fights are intense, which leaves you hooked for hours. Learn the attacks, combos and special attacks required to become victorious to take part in the real test. Step up to the World Tournament when ready and start your journey to become the ultimate Z warrior. All victories, both big and small rewards you as you will receive money that you can spend at Mr Popo’s. Buy and trade skills that you can apply to your favourite characters to make them unstoppable.

Using the same voice actors as the animated show, it adds to the games ability to immerse you. Dragon Ball Z: Budokai starts from the Saiyan saga all the way through to the Cell games. So Dragon Ball Z fans will be well familiarised with the games sequences. However that is definitely the most fun part of the game. Almost cinematic like, Dragon Ball Z: Budokai has a really cool blend of gameplay and cut scenes. Few games at the time would or could provide this for players, which is why this game was universally loved.

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