Dragonball Xenoverse – Trunks’ Travel Edition (PlayStation 4)

Dragonball XenoVerse - Trunks' Travel Edition PlayStation 4 (PS4) FI

Dragonball Xenoverse – Trunks’ Travel Edition Product Details:

Platform: PlayStation 4 (PS4)
Release Date: Feb. 2015
PEGI Rating: Ages 12 and Over

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The ultimate edition of the first ever release of a Dragon Ball Z video game on the PlayStation 4. Dragonball Xenoverse – Trunks’ Travel Edition is a must have for all fans and collectors alike. The game itself is almost unrecognisable compared to releases from the previous generation. No doubt that the new hardware and software from the new generation of consoles have contributed to this. In this set you get the added bonus of the Future Trunks Master Stars figurine, which is 25cm tall! It is an amazingly well made and detailed statuette; the colouring matches that of the anime so well. Unfortunately for some this is only available in Europe so get yours while stocks as quantities are limited.

Dragonball Xenoverse – Trunks’ Travel Edition has improved in every department compared to its previous generation version. The graphics are that much more detailed, whilst the game still has the ability to run smoothly. With the previously mentioned improvements it’s no secret that the gameplay has also advanced. Battles are much more fluid with absolutely no input lag, the game is truly a spectacle for all who play. Real-time in-battle transformations make for an even more interesting fight; change the tide of a battle instantaneously.

Create your own character and choose from different races (Including Saiyan and Majin!) to get started on your journey. Train them to become one of the universes greatest ever fighters! Future Trunks comes back to the past and needs your help, his world has changed. An unknown entity has changed the DBZ timeline and not in a good way either. Join Goku and the rest of the Z warriors in correcting the anomalies and save the future. Take part in the most epic battles and events in Dragon Ball Z history as well as alternative quests. Can you help defeat Vegeta, Frieza, Cell, Majin Buu and much more?

Discover what Dragonball Xenoverse – Trunks’ Travel Edition and the PS4 has to offer with its cool online features. Taking place from Toki Toki City the mysterious city which connects you to others online. Connect with friends and other players from around the world to fight them and fight with them.

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