What is Goku’s Kill/Death Ratio in Dragon Ball Z?

Goku’s KillDeath Ratio FI

What is Goku’s Kill/Death Ratio in Dragon Ball Z?

Have you ever asked yourself that question? So what’s your guess on Goku’s Kill/Death Ratio? 5:1? 10:1? 100:1? Well the actual answer may surprise you. Before we get started, we would just like to point out this is based on the Dragon Ball Z series, not including any of the DBZ Movies. Neither of Goku’s fusion forms count either, so Gogeta & Vegito are excluded. And of course, SPOILERS.

Goku’s Kill/Death Ratio, Gokus' & Raditzs Death

We are all aware that Goku dies once during the battle against Raditz and once again when Semi-Perfect Cell blows up on King Kai’s planet. Going straight to the point, Goku’s Kill/Death Ratio is actually 1:1 (or 2:2 being more precise), a horrendous kill/death ratio if you ask us.

Some of you may be scratching their heads with this one but think about it. Goku has fought and beaten tonnes of bad guys but how many has he actually killed? He didn’t kill Nappa, who was actually killed by Vegeta for failing to beat Goku. Goku does not finish off Frieza on planet Namek, as a matter of fact Goku gave him some of his energy so he could survive. In the entire Android to Cell Games saga he does not kill anyone at all surprisingly.

Lets start with the obvious Second Kill

Goku’s Kill/Death Ratio, Buu's Death

This one should not be too difficult to guess, it is in fact Kid Buu. Towards the end of the entire Dragon Ball Z series, Goku gets his second kill. A pretty important one too, and he could only have done so with the help of his friends. Vegeta distracts Buu to give Goku more time, King Kai uses his telepathic powers to allow Hercule to speak to the people of Earth (did anyone see that coming?). And of course Dende uses the power of the Namekian dragon balls and Porunga to help too.

Goku’s First Kill?

Goku’s Kill/Death Ratio, Yakun

It is not until the early parts of the Majin Buu Arc that Goku actually kills someone. He does not kill Spopovich, Babidi or Dabura. It is in fact Yakon, or as he probably likes to be known as Demon Beast Yakon. We first see the ugly toad looking monster inside Babidi’s spaceship, who sends him down to fight Goku, Vegeta & Gohan. According to the Supreme Kai, Yakon is one of the most feared creatures in the universe, and is one of the most powerful beings in his quadrant of the universe.

So we were going to be treated to a prolonged fight, right? Wrong. We find out the Yakon loves the darkness, and Babidi provides him with that advantage. However things don’t go as expected for the pair, as Goku could sense his Ki. Transforming into a Super Saiyan lit up the surrounding area, but much to Yakon’s delight. As this creature of darkness eats light energy, and proceeded to suck the emitting light, reverting Goku back to his base form.

Goku’s Kill/Death Ratio, Yakun 2

He turns back into a Super Saiyan and again Yakon starts to suck the light. However Goku uses this to his advantage this time and powers up more and more. We actually see glimpses of his SSJ2 strength, which Vegeta notices too but that’s for another time. Yakon is completely oblivious to Goku’s plan, so much so that he eventually explodes. And that folks, is how Goku got his first kill.

So Goku’s Kill/Death Ratio is actually 1:1?

It makes you wonder why it is such a low number for one of the strongest fighters in the universe. Well you probably do not need to look too far back to find out why. If you ever seen or read the original Dragon Ball series then you realise that Goku is actually a life-loving innocent child. It’s what makes people love him so much, even some of his enemies. Yamcha, Krillin, Tien and of course Piccolo were not his biggest fans at first but soon became his most trusted friends. Even when he killed Kid Buu, he wished that he can fight him again someday and that led to the introduction of the character Uub down the line.

Goku’s Kill/Death Ratio, Kid Goku

We don’t know about what you guys think (let us know below) but this is what makes Goku so awesome. His pure heart is what made this show and why so many people gravitated towards him. Possibly one of the main reasons as to why the show garnered so much popularity and why it is still going strong today.

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