Hats & Caps (US)

Dragon Ball Z (DBZ) Hats & Caps (US) FI

Hats & Caps (US)

Our cool collection of Dragon Ball Z Hats & Caps (US) is just below. We've even split into two sections to make it easier to find the hat that is right for you. The Snapback section, or Baseball Caps as some people like to call it and the Billed caps section for more casual caps. Majority of them are snapbacks but there is a good selection of the latter. Also each and every hat and cap can be worn by both Males and Females that way no one misses out!

Meanwhile check out the Beanies & Woolly Hats post for more awesome Dragon Ball Z wearables. The items below make for some awesome gifts as well as some great collectables. However, the items below are for US residents only. Therefore our aim is to provide as many links to as many people as we can. So check back regularly, follow our social media accounts or Blog or even sign up to our Newsletter to stay up to date!

Hats & Caps (US)

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Master Roshi's Kanji (Snapback)

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Available in 2 Colors!

One of our most popular caps on our site. This features the iconic Turtle Kanji with the familiar orange backdrop. Wear it anywhere and everywhere!

Red Ribbon Army (Snapback)

Who remembers the Red Ribbon army? We didn't really hear much of them since Dragon Ball but they made a re-emergence in Dragon Ball Z with Dr. Gero and the androids.

Master Roshi's Kanji v2 (Snapback)

Available in 8 Colors!

A more simplistic colour scheme than the Turtle Kanji cap above, this cap has a plethora of colors to choose from. It also has a more modern design to it with its minimalism.

Master Roshi's Kanji (Billed Cap)

Available in 2 Colors!

If you are not a fan of Snapbacks then this is perfect for you! A curved bill cap, very popular amongst our more physically active users. Used regularly during their workouts and morning runs.

It's Over 9000!!! (Snapback)

One of the most popular and recognisable quotes from the entire Dragon Ball Z series! This cap features Goku himself as well as Nappa and Prince Vegeta on its flat bill.

Majin Symbol (Billed Cap)

Available in 8 Colors!

The ever so memorable Majin symbol on a curved billed cap. This cap has a really classy design that allows the symbol to really stand out compared to its snapback counterpart below.

Majin Symbol (Snapback)

Available in 8 Colors!

Just like the one above this cap too has a huge range of colors to choose from, so we hope no one misses out! The design is ever so slightly different, with the outline around the symbol missing from this cap. Just a matter of preference for you!

Dragon Ball Z (Snapback)

Available in 4 Colors!

Straight to the point, when someone sees you in this hat they will instantly recognise the logo and Dragon Ball. Another minimalist design, this cap is quite popular on our site.

Goku's Gym (Snapback)

Available in 8 Colors!

A very popular cap with its original design, this cap is unsurprisingly liked by gym-goers. With a range of colors to choose from the cap ticks a lot of boxes for many people.

Goku's Aura (Billed Cap)

Available in 8 Colors!

Another awesome cap with a great range of colors to choose from. Unsurprisingly popular with physically active fans, with many choosing to wear this to the gym.

Capsule Corp. (Snapback)

Available in 8 Colors!

Did you ever think you could get through this post without seeing the Capsule Corp. logo? Due to it's cool, slick design the logo can be used on any item of clothing and it'll fit right in.

Saiyan Symbol (Snapback)

Available in 8 Colors!

Not too many are familiar with this logo, but as the name suggests it is in fact related to the Saiyan race. Worn by descendants of the Saiyan Royal family, this was featured on King Vegeta's battle armor.

Further Information

Good quality of materials used to make these Dragon Ball Z Hats & Caps (US), so you do not have to worry much about wear and tear. As long as you take care of them it lasts a while. Suitable for all ages and gender we are confident that there is a hat or cap above that you will love. Show the world how big a fan you are of the greatest anime/manga series ever created.

You can even get them for friends and family as they make awesome gifts. A great way to introduce them to the franchise if they are not fans of it already. The Dragon Ball Z Hats & Caps (US) include moments, events, and characters from the Dragon Ball Z franchise. They include some from the Dragon Ball series, DBZ movies, Dragon Ball GT series and the new Dragon Ball Super series.

We update all our products under every category, so be sure to check back regularly for more cool DBZ content. Furthermore keep up with our social media accounts as they will be notifying followers on various platform. If you enjoyed this post then please share it with your friends, family and other Dragon Ball Z fans!

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