Jackets (US)

Dragon Ball Z (DBZ) Jackets (US) FI

Jackets (US)

Quality over quantity for this post, but the collection is still great. Handpicked by us so that you get all the best ones all in one place! Some great designs on show below and we hope you enjoy it! Meanwhile check out our Adults Jackets (UK) post too to see more awesome Dragon Ball Z Jackets, some of which that deliver to the states! The items below make for some awesome gifts as well as some great collectables. However, the items below are for US residents only but some may deliver to other countries. Therefore our aim is to provide as many links to as many people as we can. So check back regularly, follow our social media accounts or Blog or even sign up to our Newsletter to stay up to date!

Jackets (US)

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Master Roshi Kanji

The ever so memorable Kame or Turtle kanji embroidered onto the iconic orange seen throughout the anime series'. The logo has a unique simplistic design that allows it to be placed onto almost any type of clothing without feeling out of place.

Son Gohan

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This awesome jacket portrays every version of Gohan. Including teen Gohan, Ultimate Gohan and even Future Gohan. The son of Goku and Chi-Chi, Gohan is another incredibly important character in the Z universe. Not just because he is the son of Goku, but he is also one of the strongest fighters around. Some say that if Gohan had continued his training after the Cell Games, he would be the undisputed number one Z fighter!

King Kai Kanji

Just like the Master Roshi Kanji, this Kanji also has the ability to seamlessly fit onto any piece of attire. With it's minimalist design, it almost looks like a designer brand logo rather than something from an anime!

Son Goku

A blast from the past! This piece of nostalgic design is extremely popular, everyone really loves Kid Goku. The design on this jacket is immaculate, with a silhouette of Goku in front of the Four-Star Dragon Ball backdrop.

Further Information

Good quality of materials used to make these Jackets (US), so you do not have to worry much about wear and tear. As long as you take care of them it lasts a while, everything you want from clothing. Available in various sizes for all walks of life, there is a hoodie here for you. It does not matter what your gender is either, as most or if not all will have you covered. Show the world how big a fan you are of the greatest anime/manga series ever created.

All hoodies received great reviews and we highly recommend any of the items. You can even get them for friends and family as they make awesome gifts. A great way to introduce them to the franchise if they are not fans of it already. The Jackets (US) include some of the best moments, events, and characters from the Dragon Ball Z franchise. They include some from the Dragon Ball series, DBZ movies, Dragon Ball GT series and the new Dragon Ball Super series.

We update all our products under every category, so be sure to check back regularly for more cool DBZ content. Furthermore keep up with our social media accounts as they will be notifying followers on various platform. If you enjoyed this post then please share it with your friends, family and other Dragon Ball Z fans!

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