New Dragon Ball Super Movie: Teaser Trailer Breakdown

New Dragon Ball Super Movie Teaser Trailer Released A

New Dragon Ball Super Movie: Teaser Trailer Released

After many weeks and months of speculation we finally have something concrete to talk about! Not many were sure of what would happen to the Dragon Ball franchise after the Dragon Ball Super series. The addition of Dragon Ball FighterZ was absolutely awesome, with the game receiving great plaudits. From both fans and critics alike. However, it is not quite the same compared to looking forward to a new episode at the end of the week. The new Dragon Ball Super movie may not be the same as a weekly series. But there are plenty of reasons for optimism! We will get onto that but if you haven’t seen the trailer yet see below for yourselves.

Official Japanese Dragon Ball Super Teaser Trailer Below. If you have trouble viewing this, try this link here. But make, sure to be back for the breakdown!

We did not expect to hear an announcement this soon but we’re treated to an entire global teaser trailer right out of the blue. From Toei Animation this was definitely a surprise fans were not expecting. It is also very easy to forget that this is actually the very first Dragon Ball Super movie.  Both Battle of Gods & Resurrection ‘F’ were in fact Dragon Ball Z movies, although they were incorporated into the Dragon Ball Super anime. This is also the 20th Dragon Ball movie! Which is actually quite an astonishing feat. It just shows how popular Dragon Ball was and still is.

New Dragon Ball Super Movie: Release Date?

New Dragon Ball Super Movie Poster

We weren’t too sure at the start, seeing as the teaser really doesn’t give much away. However, take a look at the above image, we have an actual date people!! After months of speculation of a 2018 release date, then recent rumours of a December release date. It is great to have an actual date to look forward to, and it’s on a Friday too! So December 14th 2018 is the date, but the question is, is this a Global Release?

At this moment it is very hard to tell, the only thing we can confirm is that it will definitely be released in Japan… But, we have some great reason for optimism! If the recent Dragon Ball FighterZ game is anything to go by then we may not need to wait that long. As that great video game was released worldwide so we are fairly confident that is the case this time round too. We think that Toei is finally coming round to Dragon Balls global audience and I for one am super hyped!

New Dragon Ball Super Movie: Who is the Villain?

New Dragon Ball Super Movie Villain

We have searched far and wide and even delved deep into our own Dragon Ball database (our memories). But we still found almost nothing to confirm who the villain is. One thing that’s confirm-able though, is that the villain is definitely a Saiyan. He bears similar traits with Saiyans, just by the look of the attire. Eerily familiar to Saiyan battle armour. The villain almost looks somewhat barbaric, which really remind us of Broly when he went berserk. Regardless, it is definitely a new character and this villain looks pretty boss.

There are rumours out there, which claim that this is Yamoshi. If you haven’t heard this name before we’ll fill you in really quickly. Long before Goku could turn into a Super Saiyan there was a story about a Saiyan that could achieve this level. Everyone thought that this was a myth back on Vegeta’s home planet. However, since Goku was able to achieve this in his fight against Frieza on Namek. It sort of confirms its possibility. However, Yamoshi is thought to be righteous, unlike the Saiyans from Planet Vegeta that we’ve seen. Him fighting with Goku doesn’t make too much sense if they are both good guys, but we will just have to wait and see!

New Dragon Ball Super Movie: Art-Style and Animation

New Dragon Ball Super Movie Gokus Stance

One of the biggest talking points of the new Dragon Ball Super movie teaser is the art-style and animation. It definitely didn’t go unnoticed. Especially with what we have become accustomed to with the Dragon Ball Super series. It feels like an evolved version of the type of graphics we used to see way back in the Dragon Ball Z series. Looks much more sleek and fluid so you can expect some awesome fight scenes. Movies tend to have a bigger budget with a lot more people working on it. So we expect a great spectacle in December. We are also very interested in seeing how the official soundtrack of the movie sounds. Some of the music used in DBS is absolutely superb. Especially whenever Goku Ultra Instinct is involved! Toei have hit the nail on the head in this department recently.

New Dragon Ball Super Movie Goku

However, some have mentioned that what we have seen in the trailer may not necessarily be what we see in the final cut. It is still early days into the production of the movie, so there are still plenty of changes left to be made. The art-style feels more manga-like and we absolutely love it! Let us all cross our fingers and hope that they stick with it.

New Dragon Ball Super Movie: Anything on the Story?

New Dragon Ball Super Movie Screenshot 10

There is still no name for the movie as of yet, so expect that in the near future. One thing that is definitely confirmed in the teaser is Akira Toriyama is involved! So there is a good chance the movie will be canon. When rumours first started surfacing in 2017 about a potential Dragon Ball Super movie. The rumours around the story circulated around the Saiyan race.

The trailer doesn’t necessarily tell you much but looking at it closely, there are a few great points. Firstly, where is set? There were some murmurs that they are actually on Cabba’s home planet Sadala. Which was the original home planet of the Saiyans. In Universe 7, Planet Sadala was destroyed by the Saiyans themselves during an internal conflict. The survivors then invaded Planet Plant and renamed it Planet Vegeta. There was much talk of our heroes going to Sadala in Dragon Ball Super, mainly from Vegeta. We all know how much his pride is important to him, he wears his ancestry with pride, very admirable. It was in fact Vegeta’s plan to revive Universe 6 after the Tournament of Power. So that he can visit the planet and see for himself.

However, that doesn’t look like it’ll be the case even though I think it would be an awesome idea! With the final frames of teaser showing this, in the above image. It looks like an unknown villain has come to Earth, which is not really that much of a surprise. Let’s not forget, Earth has been invaded by aliens on multiple of occasions. Vegeta with Nappa, Frieza twice, even Goku himself came from another planet to become the strongest on Earth. So it looks like that the battle between Goku and this mysterious fighter will take place on our home planet.

New Dragon Ball Super Movie

There are plenty of reasons to be hyped for this and rightly so. More, brand new Dragon Ball with Toriyama involved has always gone well if you ask me. We wish that the movie does live up to the hype, considering previous Dragon Ball movies. We are super excited about this as Dragon Ball hadn’t mentioned much about the Saiyan race for a while. Not much since the Namek saga back in DBZ. We got further glimpses throughout DBS, but it is great to finally have an entire movie. One that is also potentially canon, around this specific topic!

But, we are definitely optimistic about this one. Dragon Ball Super has given the franchise some new life and we are all interested in how it all unfolds! But before the movie even drops there’ll be an official full trailer, but no news on that just yet. So be sure to be back when that releases as we’ll be breaking that one down too!

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