New Goku Ultra Instinct images released by Toei Animation

New Goku Ultra Instinct images released by Toei Animation

Well as the title says, Toei animation recently released new images of Goku Ultra Instinct. It goes without saying that this is technically spoilers, so do not scroll down if you care about that!

New Goku Ultra Instinct images Dragon Ball Super (DBS)
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The images were released during the annual Jump Festa convention held in Tokyo. We don’t know exactly when the events in the images below will take place, but all we know is it will! And we are so pumped for it. Goku, is still yet to lose his blue top like the image below, and if history is anything to go by then we are in for a treat. Remember his awesome fight against Vegeta in the Saiyan arc of Dragon Ball Z?

The Ultra Instinct technique is pretty darn cool and we love how they took a different design route with this one. We have become accustomed to transformations being an evolved form of the Super Saiyan transformation. With UI, they completely removed the Saiyan factor and it almost feels like they went back to their roots. It feels a lot like the original Dragon Ball series, where the fighters technique played a huge role in duels.

Goku Ultra Instinct by Toei Animation 5 Dragon Ball Super (DBS)
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Goku Ultra Instinct by Toei Animation 2 Dragon Ball Super (DBS)

Goku Ultra Instinct by Toei Animation 1 Dragon Ball Super (DBS)

Goku Ultra Instinct by Toei Animation 3 Dragon Ball Super (DBS)

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Also tweeted out from the @lifesong1000 twitter account were the images released of Jiren.

Goku Ultra Instinct by Toei Animation 6

What do we know about Ultra Instinct so far?

Ultra Instinct is a rare form of mental state, used to automatically react to any threat without needing to even acknowledge it. The technique in itself is extremely difficult to master, even the Gods of Destruction are aware of it’s notorious difficulty. Whis actually trained Beerus to use Ultra Instinct, and he used it against other GOD’s, fighting multiple of them at one time! However, it was short lived due to Beerus not yet having mastered the form yet, and was eventually restrained by Mosco.

Whis explains earlier in Dragon Ball Super that dodging and moving is a lot easier to master but attacking is the most difficult. We get a glimpse of this when Goku fought Kefla with UI. He was completely fine, dodging and evading attacks from Kefla but when he returned the favour his attacks were weaker. This is because attacking uses a lot more thought, therefore slowing you down, which weakens the attack. This is why Goku had to end it really quickly in one big hit, before he ran out of steam.

Goku Ultra Instinct Kamehameha vs Kefla

We are really pumped to see Goku Ultra Instinct again in Dragon Ball Super! And with rumours that Vegeta may also achieve this form, we cannot wait for the fights to unfold!

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