Nintendo 3DS Dragon Ball Edition (Nintendo 3DS)

Nintendo 3DS Dragon Ball Edition & Dragon Ball Z Extreme Buroden FI

If you are Dragon Ball Z fan and want to own the customised Nintendo 3DS version, take a look here. The Nintendo 3DS Dragon Ball Edition is a great bundle for fans of the anime to enter the 3DS world. It comes with the super awesome Dragon Ball Z Extreme Butoden. The latest handheld Dragon Ball Z video game release for Nintendo and a first for the Nintendo 3DS. Being the first release means they need to make a good first impression and they did so with this bundle. It includes a standard size Nintendo 3DS, pre-installed version of the game and DBZ themed cover plates for your console. It also includes a download code for the Japanese version of Dragon Ball Z: Super Butoden 2. The bundle is only available in Europe, so get yours before stocks run out.

Nintendo 3DS Dragon Ball Edition Product Details:

Platform: Nintendo 3DS 
Release Date: 16 Oct. 2015
PEGI Rating: Ages 12 and Over
ASIN: B0131A8N9U


The game contains over 100 playable characters! That in itself is an amazing feat as handheld games do not really have that much depth to them. Enjoy fights one vs. one or even team battles, with the staggering amount of options the combinations are endless. The game includes an original story, as you can play through the story mode as a hero or a villain. Show the world how big a fan you are with the limited edition cover plates for the Nintendo 3DS. The interchangeable customised cover plates are very well made and protect your device from scratches too. With the safety and security side down, the design on it is just a cool bonus. It contains the coolest and best Dragon Ball Z characters they have to offer. Only available through the Nintendo 3DS Dragon Ball Edition.

If you have played previous DBZ games on the Nintendo DS then you are in for a treat. As this game uses the power of the new Nintendo 3DS and produces a super-fast and smooth game. Faster loading times, download speeds and browsing means no more frustrations. Nintendo 3DS Dragon Ball Edition is the real deal and will delight all that buy it, old and new fans.

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