Say hello to Dragon Ball FighterZ!

Say hello to Dragon Ball FighterZ

Say hello to Dragon Ball FighterZ!

We know we’re a little late with our Dragon Ball FighterZ post, but we thought we would wait till we knew enough! With so many rumours flying all over the place, it can be tough to separate what is and is not confirmed. We took a look to see if the hype surrounding the game was legit so let us know what you think too! First and foremost, 26th of January is the release date for Japan, North America and Europe.

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Dragon Ball FighterZ

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Developed by Arc System Works, it looks like they may have hit the nail on the head and created the perfect DBZ fighting game! There hasn’t been this much hype surrounding a Dragon Ball Z game since the Budokai Tenkaichi days. I do not know about you, but the golden age of fighting games, was before they went full 3D. Games such as the recent Street Fighter and even Mortal Kombat games come to mind. They’ve gotten slower due to everything being 3D. Compare that to the games released on the good old SNES and you’ll notice the difference in enjoyment. Now slower, games are less intense, which is the opposite of what fighting games should be all about! Especially when it comes to DBZ, where fighting at super high speeds plays a major role in its popularity.

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Dragon Ball FighterZ: Story

The story in FighterZ revolves around Androids, with Android 16 mysteriously being revived. A host of clones  who impersonate the Z Warriors start to take down the fighters left, right and centre when they impersonate them. Your job is to get to the bottom of this mystery, linking up with other Dragon Ball Z characters along the way. The story mode consists of 3 arcs, and a new mysterious never before seen villain, Android 21. Published by Bandai Namco, the game contains both the Japanese and English dub, giving you the best of both worlds.

Dragon Ball FighterZ Androids

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Dragon Ball FighterZ: Gameplay

If you have ever played the Marvel vs Capcom series then the battle system will look very familiar to you. The game borrows the same control scheme and team mechanics, giving you the best DBZ experience possible. It contains 3 Primary Attack Buttons, light attacks, medium and heavy, but it’s not that simple. Light attacks are pretty self-explanatory, however medium attacks contain a mixture of medium and heavy attacks. Whereas heavy attacks are used to knock your opponent away, great to create some space between you and your opponent.

The last remaining button allows you to perform ki based attacks, whether it be a simple ki blast or a special move. You start by selecting a team of 3 and the aim is to beat the other team. You can switch at any time during the battle and even use team based moves with your subs, giving you some awesomely animated attacks. Famous attacks such as the Kamehameha and Final Flash look beautiful.

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Dragon Ball FighterZ: Art-style

I think one of the reasons the game is garnering so much hype is down to the graphics used. The developers could have easily went the way of previous DBZ games and created a full 3D fighting game. However, they decided on 2.5D, giving us the perfect blend of graphics and animation whilst looking like the anime we see on our screens. Do you remember the days of fighting games in arcades? This is what the graphics and animation reminds us of, and the nostalgia is overwhelming. In short, this game tries to look as close to DBZ as possible, which is always a positive! Take a look at the image below, it really captures the essence of the anime.

Dragon Ball FighterZ Gohan SSj2

Dragon Ball FighterZ: Conclusion

This game really lives up to the hype! There are just so many positives in this game it is ridiculous. With the open beta already released, tonnes of fans have vouched for this game being extremely enjoyable. An incredibly aggressive fighting game, with easy to learn controls but difficult to master. This game will undoubtedly keep you and us busy for some time and we look forward to our productivity going down the drain. We will see you online!

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