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Super Dragon Ball Z Still PlayStation 2 (PS2) FI

A classic on the PlayStation 2, Super Dragon Ball Z changed the battling system once more. Combos took a lot more damage than ever before. With 15 playable characters to choose from each and every one of them carefully attended to. Developing characters to match their unique fighting styles from the anime is one of many detailed aspects of the game. Some of the characters included are Videl, Goku’s wife Chi Chi and a final form of Frieza (Mecha). If you are a fan of the gritty up close battling then this is for you. A classic arcade like game at the comfort of your home was genius. Especially when releases moved away from the traditional fighting game formats.

Super Dragon Ball Z PlayStation 2 (PS2) Cover

Super Dragon Ball Z Product Details:

Platform: PlayStation 2 (PS2)
Release Date: 14 July 2006
PEGI Rating: Ages 12 and Over

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Amazing character design adds to the depth that this game provides, which is a solid all-round effort from the creators. The characters look just like their counterparts from the anime and DBZ video games found this difficult in the past. However Super Dragon Ball Z achieved this feat so eloquently. The standards of the soundtrack and SFX are up there with some of the best games on the PS2 too.

Super Dragon Ball Z PlayStation 2 (PS2) Vegeta vs Frieza

Based on the arcade game of the same name never released before outside of Japan, you’re in for a treat. Super Dragon Ball Z provides very fast-paced battles that will keep you on your toes until you’ve defeated your opponent. With more emphasis on hand-to-hand combat the gameplay is reminiscent of games such as Tekken or Mortal Kombat. Characters can throw their opponent; perform dashes and etc. just like games from the 90s. Use the terrain to your advantage and incorporate it into your fighting strategy to deal even more deadly blows. The battle stages are extremely large; you can go through entire fights without touching the invisible barriers.

Super Dragon Ball Z PlayStation 2 (PS2) Piccolo vs Trunks

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