Top 10 Dragon Ball Gifts for under $20

Top 10 Dragon Ball Gifts for under 20

Top 10 Dragon Ball Gifts for under $20!

It's that time of year again, as we draw closer to Christmas, you see numerous top 10 lists. But, how many of those lists actually interest you? Not many we are happy to guess. So we created a list of the top 10 Dragon Ball gifts for under $20. This is so fans of Dragon Ball are able to buy these awesome gifts below for their family and friends without having to worry if they'll like it or not! On top of that we hope to save you some money and not overspend on gifts, the other important part.

It doesn't matter what series of Dragon Ball they may like, we got you covered! Dragon Ball, Dragon Ball Z and Dragon Ball Super! The list is in no particular order but we will number them so we don't get lost. All the gifts below can be bought through Amazon who we have partnered with for this list. The awesome thing about it is you can get it wrapped just in time for Christmas. The gifts below all have great ratings from buyers and ourselves, but we recommend you do a little extra research on the product before buying. So it is right for you. Let's get started!

Top 10 Dragon Ball Gifts for under $20!

1. Majin Buu Plush Doll

Just look how cute he is! This Majin Buu Plush doll stands at 10" tall, so it is no tiny chew toy. One of the most popular Dragon Ball Z and Super characters, Majin Buu is also incredibly cute. Tough and cute? No wonder he is so popular. Made with great quality, it is no wonder that it is one of THE most highly reviewed Dragon Ball Z items on Amazon. Officially licensed by the manufacturer means you get a seal of approval from the creators of Dragon Ball and made to last.

2. Red Lens Scouter Toy

Does the color look familiar? it should! It belongs to the one and only Prince Vegeta. The very same colored scouter he donned when he and Nappa invaded Earth. Not only that, the infamous Over 9000! that Vegeta wore was this one! The seller allows you get this in green just in case you need more than one. With an adjustable strap you know whoever you give it to won't grow out of it any time soon. And best of all, the scouter even has Sound effects!! With sounds from the Dragon Ball Z anime.

3. Super Saiyan Goku Action Figure

Here he is, Son Goku! One of the most popular anime characters ever created, it is of course a given that he'd be one of the most popular on his own show, if not THE most popular. Although, Vegeta would like to give him a run for his money. Anyway, one of the main reasons this Goku action figure appears on our list is because it received a whopping 150+ 5-star reviews on Amazon! When you look closer at the figure you realise why, with it's highly detailed presentation. They've done a really awesome paint job. For collectors, there are 6 to collect, with each figurine containing a piece of Shenron. All needed to for the eternal dragon and grant your wish.

4. Prince Vegeta POP! Doll

The Prince of ALL SAIYANS, Vegeta! He wasn't always a good guy as we all know. But, we all got to admit when he was a villain, he was one of the most badass villains ever! We will never forget that awesome buildup and showdown between Vegeta and Goku way back in the Saiyan saga. Now you can get Vegeta and the others in the hugely popular POP form. Standing at 3 3/4" you can either gift this or buy it to start your own collection!

5. 4-Star Dragon Ball Herb Grinder

Yes, this is an Official Dragon Ball Z herb grinder with a bonus pollen scratcher. Don't make it awkward. The hugely memorable 4-Star Dragon Ball which we see from the very first episode of Dragon Ball, branded onto the grinder, with some cool gold paint. The great thing about this grinder is that it is made out of some quality metal and not cheap plastic. That way you know this will last almost a lifetime. It comes in a really cool display box too, perfect to gift to a friend or loved one!

6. Baby Goku Costume

This awesome baby costume by Dressy Daisy of Goku is really a sight to behold. The Gi worn by Goku throughout Dragon Ball Z and Dragon Ball Super, in the most awesome-est of fights. Now available for babies! Cute and quality are the best two words to describe this and we are not alone in this. A polyester one-piece that you can pullover the child and take it off with ease whenever you need to. 

7. Training to beat Goku (or at least Krillin) Gym Tank Top

We all have that gym friend who also loves Dragon Ball Z, some of the show-offs are reading this too. Whether it is a gift, or for yourself, this light-hearted DBZ tank top is great. Available at a great price and in 3 colors this tank top received well over 100 5-star reviews on Amazon! The quality is top-notch and the design isn't too in-your-face like a lot of other DBZ themed gym attire. A great blend of seriousness and fun.

8. Kame Kanji Snapback

Yes, the Kanji of the Great Master Roshi this snapback is perfect for fans of the original Dragon Ball series. Seen throughout the majority of the series and worn by the likes of Goku and Krillin after they were trained by the master. Although Goku started to wear his own Kanji in the Dragon Ball Z series, Krillin does continue to represent the Master Roshi's training. Don't forget, Master Roshi is the creator of the Kamehameha Wave!

9. Goku Super Saiyan Blue Xbox One + 2 Controllers + Kinect Skin!

From the new Dragon Ball Super series, or you can count it as a part of the Dragon Ball Z movie series. Goku Super Saiyan God Super Saiyan, which is a mouthful! Is also more popularly referred to as Super Saiyan Blue. Appeared on our screens way back in 2015. A lot of people were not sure but many grew to love it, and we got to say, it really is awesome. Sorry PlayStation fans but there aren't a great choice of skins for your console around, we are upset about it too. Luckily for some of us, one of us owns an Xbox One. This skin is easily applied over the console and controllers.

10. Dragon Ball Z Manga Volume 1

If you didn't know, the Dragon Ball Z manga series was a part of the original Dragon Ball manga series. It was then later split into two, Dragon Ball and Dragon Ball Z. Both manga series' were incredible and was the foundation for the huge franchise we have today. Simply because people are more familiar with DBZ than Dragon Ball, we recommend the Dragon Ball Z volume 1 manga. You can get the Dragon Ball manga too or at a later time, it still holds up to this day!

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