Women’s T-Shirts (US)

Dragon Ball Z (DBZ) Women's T-Shirts (US) FI

Women's T-Shirts (US)

Our amazing handpicked range of Dragon Ball Z Women's T-Shirts (US). Below are the very best t-shirts all in one convenient place so you do not have to scour the internet. Make sure you scroll all the way down to see the items that have Multiple Colours to choose from. With such a vast range of designs, styles and colours we are confident that you will find a t-shirt here that you will love!

Meanwhile checkout the Men’s T-Shirts Volume 1 & Volume 2 (US) posts for more awesome DBZ t-shirts as well as the Children's T-Shirts post. The items below are for US residents only but some ship internationally, our aim is to provide links for as many countries as possible. If you are from the United Kingdom then check out the Women’s T-Shirts (UK) post. Make sure you check back often as we update as many categories and posts as we can regularly. Follow our Social Media accounts or Blog or even sign up to our Newsletter to stay up to date!

Women's T-Shirts (US) (Single Colours)

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4-Star Dragon Ball

The iconic 4-Star Dragon Ball, seen on the very beginning of Dragon Ball over 30 years ago! Goku as we know has an emotional bond to this ball as it belonged to his grandfather.

Dragon Ball Z

It is rare to find a Dragon Ball Z characters tee quite like this one. First of all they didn't over do it with it's design and kept it nice and simple. On top of that they included both heroes and villains on the same tee, which is actually rare.

Goku Super Saiyan 3

Goku's strongest form in the Dragon Ball Z anime series. Only bested by the new Super Saiyan God form from the Battle of Gods movie. This form was incredible when it first appeared on screens, it almost took an entire episode for the transformation!

Kid Goku

Throwback to Dragon Ball, the fantastic series that kick-started the entire franchise over 30 years ago. Without the original Dragon Ball series and a young curious Goku, we may not be even have DBZ. Dragon Ball will always have a place in our hearts.

Capsule Corp. (Crop Top)

Seen throughout the every Dragon Ball series, Capsule Corp. is quite pivotal when it comes to the storyline. With such advanced technology, Bulma really is a lucky lass to be the daughter of a great scientist. To be fair, Bulma is pretty much a genius too in her own right!

Saiyan Symbol (Crop Top)

You could be forgiven if you did not recognise this symbol at first glance, but it is the very symbol worn on the armour of Saiyan royalty. Both King and Prince Vegeta wore this symbol with pride, although the prince may not wear it anymore he has not forgotten his Saiyan pride.

Capsule Corp.

Such a cool and minimalist design, the Capsule Corp. logo can be placed onto almost any type of clothing without looking out of place. Here we have it on a brilliant white tee with black trims, it really is a classy tee.

Goku Minion


They are everywhere! We love a great mashup of two very different franchises mixed into one great design. The great thing about this tee is that it comes in a great range of colours too! So no one misses out.

Kid Goku v2

Another awesome kid Goku tee design and another reason for us to mention Dragon Ball! It really was a great series, that gave us the opportunity to see where it all started for Goku and our other favourite characters, including Bulma and Krillin.

It's Over 9,000!


Possibly the most memorable Dragon Ball Z quote of all time, so memorable that it has been forever immortalised as an internet meme! Who knew way back at midst of the Saiyan saga, that one quote would have such an impact on the internet.

Gravity Chamber

Loved by both Goku and Vegeta, the gravity chamber created by Capsule Corp. proved to be a great way to get stronger and stronger. Goku used the gravity chamber aboard the spaceship flying to planet Namek and Vegeta more or less has been using it ever since he got together with Bulma.

Goku Saiyan Evolution

One of the most popular tees not just on this post but also on this site! It has everything to make a great tee, awesome design, great use of colours, materials and even the nostalgic element of a young Goku joined together to create this masterpiece.

Further Information

Good quality of materials used to make these Women's T-Shirts (US), so you do not have to worry much about wear and tear. As long as you take care of them it lasts a while, everything you want from clothing. Available in various sizes for all walks of life, there is a t-shirt here for you. It does not matter what your gender is either, as most or if not all will have you covered. Show the world how big a fan you are of the greatest anime/manga series ever created.

All t-shirts received rave reviews and we highly recommend any of the items. You can even get them for friends and family as they make awesome gifts. A great way to introduce them to the franchise if they are not fans of it already. The Women's T-Shirts (US) include some of the best moments, events, and characters from the Dragon Ball Z franchise. They include some from the Dragon Ball series, DBZ movies, Dragon Ball GT series and the new Dragon Ball Super series.

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